Thursday, 26 December 2013


These two young desperately wanting to be famous actors really be dating? Why is he doing this? How long is this going to continue? Could this be the real thing? Well, an insider spilled the beans.

1. Are they really dating?

They went out on one date. It was set up by their people. If you consider two people being set up to have one meal together to be dating, then they are dating.

2. Why is he doing this? And she is leading him on?

Publicity. Now fans of this young guy are always yelling at us: He is shy! He would never date someone just for the publicity! He doesn’t even like publicity! Bullshit. He has a new film coming out very soon. Anything that he and his group can do to sell more will be done

3. How long is this going to continue?

This relationship is initially scheduled to be very short. The relationship clock will strike midnightright around the New Year. Her side wants more time, but his side is in charge. If her side screws things up, he can walk sooner.

4. Could this be a real romance?

Ha! Doubtful. He is not her type, and she is definitely not his type. Definitely not his type.

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