Friday, 28 June 2013


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She is not getting any younger. The actress (an egoistic wife of a big star) known at one time for her incredible talent and equally formidable temper tantrums is feeling rather lost. While her older peers (with perfect family lives and kids thank you) have managed enviable comebacks, she has only managed to piss people off with her rude attitude. She is ruing her past behaviour (with some B list directors who have become A list) but it’s a bit too late in the day. The talented actress had refused some good roles (one even went to her cousin) claiming the roles were not perfect for her. Of course she made it a point to bitch to everyone within an earshot that the roles were first offered to her. Her superstar co-actors have moved on to younger and fresher ladies. And sadly even the veneer of a perfect family picture (which she was hiding behind) has been cracking for some time. She canNOT be aware of people snickering behind her back so she avoids the parties, not that she is being called to the really happening ones. Her husband’s fallout with a superstar did not win her any brownie points. Though she is still young but her big ego stops her from really going out and getting roles with meat. She stubbornly won’t go to them and the roles won’t come to her and though she would laugh out loud and sarcastically but her life has hit a big fat black hole. After all that much of pilates and treadmill can start jarring and one needs to do something more. Quick advice to her at:
1. FORGET sexy heroine roles
2. LET GO the A list superstars to those little girls (what do they know!)
3. EAT your ego for dinner

4. DO roles which do justice to that incredibly raw talent within you. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


BOLLYWOOD ACTRESS STALKEDShe is still reeling from the shock of it. This beautiful actress cannot forget the feeling of utter helplessness and rage when she was almost groped publicly in a mall. The ‘maniac’ as she calls him had tried to get friendly at a press conference and mistaking her friendly gestures as something 'more' the obsessed man started stalking her at city events. She had not noticed him at first and then when he was pointed out she thought he was just a harmless fan albeit a touch zealous. Till the ‘harmless’ fan turned out to be anything but! It happened at a mall when after a media photo-op she was signing some fans’ autographs when she felt someone standing too close to her. She looked up to see the strange bulky man(her harmless fan!) close enough to touch her face and when she signaled to her PR in alarm, the ‘fan’ smiled at her and moved out but only after casually touching her hairn she swears. The actress stood frozen in the spot and was terribly shaken at the security lapse, but she is miffed at reports that the man posing as a media-person was spotted trying to get hold of her private number. The fallout of the incident is that the actress still terrified over the incident has put her foot down against attending any events at malls as she has absolutely no intention to put herself in a similar situation any time soon.  

Friday, 21 June 2013


She goes blue in the face denying her marriage is not on the rocks but sources close to her say that her shaadi is only on paper now(and that too not for long). The actress had been sighted at a city court recently which sent tongues wagging on the formal beginning of the end but she denied all the ‘stupid’ rumours as ‘jealous heartburn’ claiming her married life was all paradise. Perhaps snakes have sneaked into her Eden, or contrarily she may have bitten the forbidden apple (once toooo often some bitchy people insist) because things are definitely amiss.

Some say she(having seen the writing on the wall) may be going down the route of another prominent actress who got herself an incredibly rich beau with a penchant for gifting her obscenely expensive rings, but never on the ‘right’ finger. Now this actress has also been seen in the company of a very (VERY!!!) rich man, albeit married. But then since when has that little technicality stood in the way of a smoking hot affair.  Heard that Mr moneybag’s richie rich wifey gets pretty annoyed at the mention of the actress’s name but has conveyed to all and sundry that ‘girls like her come and go’ but her man will come back to her. Incidentally wifey also has controlling shares in some of his important buisness stakes. So if the actress is looking for any permanence in her new relation, she may have some real cause for worry.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Bollywood Item GirlIts no secret this smoking hot entry into Bollywood has been seen in the company of a dashing superstar, who has an eye for pretty young things. Problem is she is also formed a deep connection (the kind other than professional they swear) with a director known for his noir films. Lately the director has taken to flying off the handle at the mention of the name of the young superstar. Insiders say the director has been made aware of the actress’s ‘dalliances’ so that he would stop making a fool of himself over her. But such is his addiction to the young hottie that instead of cutting off from the girl the director has given an ultimatum to the girl to ‘stop seeing’ the superstar actor accusing her of becoming lazy, uninterested and distracted from work. No one needs to spell it out that can kiss the meaty roles he had promised her in his new film goodbye if she continues her dalliance. The young girl is shocked as she has been attending acting and voice training workshops suggested by the director himself to prepare her for the grand role and does not want to jeopardize her ‘special connection’ with the famous director. Nor does she want to endanger her ‘true friendship’ with the superstar actor as she says has ‘selflessly helped her’ in making her feel at home in a city which was completely new to her. Our heart goes out to the poor lassie, really hoping the cherub faced stunner finds a way out of her entanglements.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013


There is no excuse for tardiness but not when you are a Bollywood diva prone to throwing fits on the slightest of issues. This smoking hot leggy lass is still recovering from a terrible heartbreak (after being cheated on and dumped by a married superstar with whom she was having a rip-roaring affair). Though talented she has been on a short fuse since the break up and her interest in her work has plummeted, they say its hit rock bottom.

The actress’s director(she is starring in a multi-starrer opposite two male leads) has been fuming over her tardiness and has been lamenting to everyone on how she arrives hours late on the sets. Despite pulling her up several times the actress turns a deaf ear and refuses to listen to the heroes, as she feels she is the biggest star on the set. Matters came to a head when her miffed make-up artist snitched on her claiming she smelled whisky on the actress's breath.

The director put his foot down and yelled publicly at the actress for her unprofessional behaviour. The shell shocked diva did not expect to be given a rap on her knuckles in front of the unit but the director has made it clear he will not take late comings kindly and she needs to leave her personal problems behind when she reports for work. To everyone's amusement the director(whose demand to get breath analyzers was shot down by producers) has now appointed a 'minder' on the actress whose job it is to, among other things, SMELL HER and make sure the actress is clean(as in not drunk or high!!!) when she lands at the sets.

Monday, 10 June 2013


Item GirlThere are hush hush whispers linking him to two of his much-older co-stars (one of them married). This dishy young and upcoming star has meanwhile quietly gone out and found himself a new and very young and very rich girlfriend. She, the daughter of a diamond merchant, has considerable funds and leads a lavish lifestyle. Her much married father has bought a slew of talent-management and events company is himself linked to a prominent yesteryears actress. The young heiress now wants a glitzy filmy career of her own and we hear her moneybags father is willing to fund if this young actor stars opposite her. But the actor's little fling has not gone unnoticed by either of his older co-stars. While one of the ladies is happy playing the ignoramus (rumours say she is herself playing the field) the other powerful actress has threatened the young upcoming actor in no uncertain terms to stop his little fling or else. The actor is nervous as he does not want to upset the older actress who has powerful contacts with big producers and many say is his ticket to several meaty projects (but they are mostly in multi-starrer films) but also feels he needs this big solo debut. Now the word on the street is that the temperamental richie rich girl friend has become extremely possessive of her boyfriend and has loudly claimed that she would ''teach that buddhi a lesson'' when she meets her next time. Caught between the powerful older actress and the younger daughter of a powerful man the actor is having sleepless nights. The actor is being pressed to decide on the matter before an ugly public spat happens.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I am literally swept off my feet by the new King of Bollywood. The man who is bigger than the Khans. 60 Crores in opening weekend with YJHD !!  fastest run to the 100 crore club !!! and counting...

 But then Ranbir Kapoor is not a star born with Ayan Mukerji's film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and it wont be his last...!!

Monday, 3 June 2013


Item Girl
For stars to launch their sons and daughters and all sorts of relatives is but fait accompli in Bollywood. This stunning superstar with an enviable track record at the box office despite her laughable dialogue deliveries and average acting abilities is hell-bent on launching her pretty sister in a Hindi film with a ‘respectable’ star. Now, lil sister did have an unintentional soft launch of sorts, in the form of a no-holds barred MMS clip with a firangi porn star. The MMS clip became quite a hit on the net. The superstar big sister went blue in the face claiming that-girl-is-not-my-sister-but-someone-who-looks-like-her, not that anyone is buying. Now big sister is nothing of not focused. So the gorgeous superstar has now taken to pressing on her immensely powerful superstar boyfriend to deal with the matter just like he did with her old follies from her desperate starlet waala days( like getting that Bollywood baddie's nose stuck in her cleavage type crass scenes chopped from her film, etecetras) Nobody talks about it in front of her but everybody whispers behind her back about lots of arm twisting and pots of money. Now with little sister’s shady past catching up with her the superstarni is scared of all the badnaami lest it has a fallout on her new relation with a young superstar from a blue blooded Bollywood family. Now serious attempts
are being made to BUY the lil sister's shocking footage from the dubious films (yup she did several) before they make their way into the market. Rumour has it she will do whatever it takes to hide the shady pasts, but as they say, skeletons have a way of coming out of the closet.