Wednesday, 22 January 2014


He looked sozzled and out of sorts when he came out of siddharth roy kapur’s party recently, and she was minus the cheesy smile she has been sporting like an accessory since the outing of her relation with India’s sweetheart Ranbir Kapoor. A premature outing perhaps? And Katrina could be rueing moments when she may have felt otherwise.

In hushed whispers people have been hinting at the series of fights the two are supposed to have had in new York recently. And the reason is the oldest in the world. He allegedly is not ready to give the commitment she desperately wants. After all Ranbir Kapoor is all set to be the biggest bollywood superstar of all times and getting hitched with a girl at this moment may not be the best thing for his career.

Besides papa Rishi Kapoor has time and again made it clear that his baba has so many of theses A B C D ‘s (refer to gfs) and makes it clear that only a traditional girl who will keep the family together will be their bahu. After all on the girl’s head will rest the task of bringing forth the next generation of the Kapoor clan. The decision to call it quits seems to be mutual. Does  Ranbir feet that Katrina is getting too possesive and is Katrina not backing down

from a commitment the big breaking point. Ranbir refused to name Katrina as the love of his life on Koffee with karan . Could that have been the final nail after all why would Ranbir Kapoor shy away from naming katrina kaif as the love of his life on national tv when he had no such qualms with Deepika when she was in his life! Katrina feeling insulted is to be expected and also the factthat Deepika and RK are still in in touch over the phone. Deepika’s refusal to name Ranveer singh as her object of interest has only made the case curiouser and there is only that much the fabric of a relation can sustain.

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