Tuesday, 6 August 2013


This is what a prominent entertainment journalist had to say in response to Katrina Kaif's open letter to the media

Dear Katrina

Ok so if I read this right what are you really angry about? You and Ranbir looked great in those pictures. You were adequately dressed for the beach minus the red and white combination of course. Wearing a bikini on the beach is definitely better than wearing one on the cover of cosmopolitan. Also you can’t be dating Bollywood’s new age superstar and behave like you did when you were dating one 18 years your senior.

Item GirlThe two of you are now the biggest stars in Bollywood and if you belong to a generation that says have a great body — will flaunt — then why these double standards? Was it a private beach? No. Was it a beach where people would recognize you? Of Course… you are a superstar remember? Public figure plus public beach usually results in public display of the pictures clicked… Period.

Now the part where you say the pictures were clicked for commercial gain…Fair point, but what about those bikini pictures that have made their way to glamorous magazine covers and the world wide web? Surely not all of them were morphed and definitely resulted in commercial gain for the magazine concerned so what’s the problem?

If memory serves us right it’s been several decades and film magazines in India have been a mixture of interviews, photoshoots and gossip. It’s no secret how these magazines that said interviews, photoshoots and gossip have been mutually beneficial. There’s a reason why they say there’s no business like ‘show’ business.

But having said, if you’re THIS distressed, then here’s what the media should do. We shouldn’t publish any of your promotional pictures. We shouldn’t interview you closer to your film’s release or when you endorse a product. THEN, you can hold us responsible if we get into your house and click pictures. Isn’t that what invasive means in the first place?
Also when we have the crazy chemistry that Deepika and Ranbir share on the big screen to talk about why bother with what’s happening in his personal life unless suddenly… one day… after the super success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani… a source close to you starts discussing your holiday plans in front of us.

Also, if you’re looking how “manage” incidents like this, allow us to point you in the direction of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. They came out in the open about their relationship on the red carpet of a fashion week… that was more than five years ago. They have been on countless holidays since and we are sure more than one of them involved sporting the bikini. Not that we’ve seen the pictures.

Yours Truly
Invasive Media Person

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