Wednesday, 14 August 2013


The cat is away and the mice will play. With girlfriend Katrina Kaif busy with her sister’s shaadi in London, who is this mystery date Ranbir Kapoor has stacked up in Mumbai's posh Santa Cruz building apartment? The occupants of the building swear to Ranbir’s nocturnal visits in his swanky new car at odd hours. But arrey…. just by the way…. is it a coincidence that Papa Rishi Kapoor has in the meanwhile issued a strict dictat to him to tone down the ‘besharmi’ in the house? Apparently the dating shating has been curtailed at their Krishna Raj residence, and we assume its ok that the kapoor chirag conducts his business outside the house. Though we are confused as to is papa really angry with ranbir over his numerous casual dalliances?

Rishi Kapoor says in an interview that

‘’There are x y z girls in the house all the time and…’ wink wink ‘…I don’t think ‘x’ knows about ‘y’ or ‘y’ knows about ‘z’.’

Followed by a ‘’aakhir abhi nahin karega tau kab karega’’

If this is what constitutes a scolding then Rishi Kapoor might as well have handed Ranbir a badge of honour for his accomplishments with the ladies ??

So when papa has for all purposes blessed ‘rangeela’ Ranbir fir kya problem hai ?  He just needs to take care that ‘x’ apartment-waali should NOT know about ‘y’ apartment-waali….or the ….yup you get it.

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