Monday, 2 September 2013


This is shocking. A senior and very respected member of the film fraternity is being accused by a newcomer of sexual abuse. The charges if they stick are of serious nature. The biggies in the know are trying their level best to stop the girl from going to town. But neither threat not treat is working on this very adamant girl who also insists she is not doing this or money or fame. The lass apparently has been threatening to show some very lurid smses sent by the very respected gent with poetic description of what he wants to do with her.

Now the girl’s her best friend is being worked on to make her withdraw her threat of going to the press. The girl it seems has finally cooled down enough to give them a hearing but she has second, and very ambitious thoughts one hears, on what she wants in return!! It will be interesting to see whose cookie finally crumbles.

1 comment:

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