Monday, 18 November 2013


Yes, karma has come full circle, and he is getting the boot from the coveted banner. Although he does have a contract that runs through for the next two films, producers singed by his string of films which are proving to be deader than last year’s turkey are now getting their ducks in a row to push him out. The word is out that the producers will be offering the star money to walk away before his contract expires.

While the buyout will be very expensive, it would be even more expensive to let him stay and watch the money fly out of the window. So they are going to bite the bullet, and pay him the big bucks to go away sooner rather than later as public interest in him is on an all time low. They are so keen to get rid of him that they are game to make it look as if it was HIS decision. They also plan to offer him options to go with his departure (other opportunities?), but we’re sure they will come up with some baloney excuse. The star meanwhile continues to be in denial about how much he is wanted.

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