Thursday, 17 October 2013


A weight-challenged once good looking now turned funnyman actor is throwing his weight around on the set of his recent film – terrorizing cast and crew members. Ever since his stock has gone up, he’s become a real tyrant on the set, throwing tantrums and making women cry,an insider says. As for his long suffering partner? The woman we thought was the love of his life?

Well, sometimes when he gets drunk and smears himself all over other ladies, she’s actually right there. She turns away her suscpiciouly glazed eyes. She pretends she doesn’t see. Which… kind of explains why she looks the way she does. That said, it is a partnership. It’s not like she’s getting nothing out of it. He has used his influence to help her, initially. Perhaps she’s decided it’s worth it and needs to advertise the domestic farce of a marriage they have .

NOW, in bollywood an actor cheating on his partner is nothing new. But this man was the one who was supposed to not be like the others. He’s the one who’s enjoyed almost unanimous popularity as a family man. And he turned out to be the cliché. Very, very disappointing.

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