Friday, 4 October 2013


Item Girl Book
This is a powerful and famous star (and supremely egoistic star) known around the world. He keeps busy and he keeps his lawyers even busier. This summer he got his team to prevent a media story concerning a talked-about woman and a member of his family, then he blocked the publication of pictures of the inside of one of his houses. Despite his claims on being on being royal and loyal(he is neither) OR as it turns out neither is he particularly hygienic. Cleaning up after this star is a NIGHTMARE for the hoteliers who house him in his frequent trips. The fact that he tips generously keeps the lid on the damage he does which actually is pretty bad, HEAR THIS AND DON'T PUKE ...broken bottles filled with strange concoctions of those kinds, kinky lingerie of both sexes, half-sucked barley sugar sticks stuck under bed mattress, hotel food mysteriously thrown under the bed, cigarettes stubbed out on expensive carpeted floors ...and used condoms anywhere and everywhere. All that money on stylists and pr -- what about one nice teacher on hygiene? 

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