Tuesday, 15 October 2013


This is straight out of bollywood's potboilers. This pair of sisters each grew up with the same dream: to be very famous AND very rich AND a very big bollywood heroine. It began as a sisterly bond with one pledging support for the other as she was in any case the far bigger star. It worked out initially but now with the younger lassie learning the ropes and revealing her ambitious colors the elder sister is feeling the heartburn.

We hear an important film part was once offered to the elder sister , that finally helped give our young star her big break. Although she was young, she beat her elder sister to the call back and charmed the executives and convinced them to take her instead!! She’s now a more in demand star than her sister and needless to say a favorite with the big production house. The elder sister is shocked how an accomplished master of spins and a mistress of pulling it off like herself could be had at her own turf. Needless to say the battle of sisters has just begun

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