Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Of the heart breaking tales which remained untold this one is about a young starlet whose green carpet debut was anything but! She once had a fresh looking face when she debuted against the biggest next gen superstar and was lauded for her fresh appeal. But then after a plastic surgery (needless might we say) gone wrong .. her face overnight lost that extra something she had. Shocked at the cruel cards fate was dealing her she desperately tried a few desperate comebacks, some offbeat roles, frantically walked the fashion weeks so that she stayed in the limelight. She never (NEVER EVER) misses a red (or green sigghhh) carpet, and this time too spent hours picking that special dress to make that lasting impact. She reached the event hoping as usual to be seen with the glamorous news-makers  hoping she would be seen as PART of the IT crowd. She even timed her starry entry coordinating with green carpet scouts to not clash with any of the big stars. So SHE came… SHE saw… SHE preened …SHE posed…and then…just at the perfect moment she opened her pretty mouth for the media, the mikes were rudely snatched away!!  A mega superstar had made an unexpected entry. It was sad to see the lost girl standing with her mouth open … her eyes glazed… at her almost famous turned wretched moment!! 
Bollywood Item Girl

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