Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Mega Skinny alert ! Amrita Rao shocked one and all with her stick like err slim (and we mean really really thinny skinny ) figure at the IIFA 2013 in Macau. The only one who was gushing over her skinny form was herself, I can tell you safely the rest of us were busy counting her ribs. The skinny Minnie has become so thinnie that her dress was sliding off her non-existent waist (some photogs sweared it was one size neck to feet !). 

So when asked about her alarming loss of body mass madame shot back claiming to be the original Size zero ! Babe .... cmon.... fact is this is not size zero, however much you stubbornly insist, this is SIZE MINUS.  

Quick advise would be a headlong dash to the dietician. We wont want the little pimples on the face to scar an otherwise stunning visage. You go Girl. Also check ... 


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