Monday, 15 July 2013


Item Girl
Meet Sridevi's daughter Jhanvi Kapoor. She is supremely lovely poses like a true professional (we think with a momma like Sridevi would you expect any less!! ) At IIFA 2013 Frenzied flashbulbs went off to catch her glimpse...and SHE ...perfectly poised, polished head to foot, hair expensively done up (with every strand in fashionable place) and in her red-carpet(ughhh ...ok ..its Greeen carpet !) shimmering debutant designer dress the lovely Jhanvi Kapoor flashed her pearly whites untiringly. 
So we were taken aback when she unexpectedly shied away like a lamb under fire when we said 'hello'. The truth ..?? .ALAS... the lovely lass is not allowed to talk to the press YET. Does momma Sridevi plan a grand coming out of her daughter, befitting a future Kapoor star( we assume thats where she is heading given all the grooming).

Our Advise -- Please Momma SriDevi.. cut your daughter some slack. After all you have been there and done that, too and come out strong and stunning. Surely a simple HELLO to the media would not dark cloud on your baby girl's silver lining?! 

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