Thursday, 25 July 2013


Well they do say a picture says a thousand words. We wonder at the timing of why suddenly we are being bombarded by 'leaked' pictures of bollywood's sexiest 'it' pair, hugging in Ibiza.. cosying in London.. in Spain .. in Srilanka Newyork Dubai just is going on and on. 

Its unbelievable that the ultra-image conscious Katrina Kaif who is not known for throwing caution to the winds can be unaware of these pictures being leaked. And Ranbir Kapoor ...well... lets say he hides them better than he reveals them ! Maybe Katrina wants the world to know that he is HER man. And he is TAKEN. Knowing her prince charming's glad eye and with gorgeous young girls throwing themselves over him, she could not be in a secure place. Some of these girls could be as determined as Katrina was ! ( recall the Ranbir-Deepika breakup)... 

Must say though Katrina in a red bikini bottom and white top looks extremely fetching and shapely. Chalo at least we nowknow why Ranbir cannot keep his hands off her. Watch this space .. there is more drama happening sooner than later !  

Pix courtesy stardust! 

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