Wednesday, 26 June 2013


BOLLYWOOD ACTRESS STALKEDShe is still reeling from the shock of it. This beautiful actress cannot forget the feeling of utter helplessness and rage when she was almost groped publicly in a mall. The ‘maniac’ as she calls him had tried to get friendly at a press conference and mistaking her friendly gestures as something 'more' the obsessed man started stalking her at city events. She had not noticed him at first and then when he was pointed out she thought he was just a harmless fan albeit a touch zealous. Till the ‘harmless’ fan turned out to be anything but! It happened at a mall when after a media photo-op she was signing some fans’ autographs when she felt someone standing too close to her. She looked up to see the strange bulky man(her harmless fan!) close enough to touch her face and when she signaled to her PR in alarm, the ‘fan’ smiled at her and moved out but only after casually touching her hairn she swears. The actress stood frozen in the spot and was terribly shaken at the security lapse, but she is miffed at reports that the man posing as a media-person was spotted trying to get hold of her private number. The fallout of the incident is that the actress still terrified over the incident has put her foot down against attending any events at malls as she has absolutely no intention to put herself in a similar situation any time soon.  

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