Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Bollywood Item GirlIts no secret this smoking hot entry into Bollywood has been seen in the company of a dashing superstar, who has an eye for pretty young things. Problem is she is also formed a deep connection (the kind other than professional they swear) with a director known for his noir films. Lately the director has taken to flying off the handle at the mention of the name of the young superstar. Insiders say the director has been made aware of the actress’s ‘dalliances’ so that he would stop making a fool of himself over her. But such is his addiction to the young hottie that instead of cutting off from the girl the director has given an ultimatum to the girl to ‘stop seeing’ the superstar actor accusing her of becoming lazy, uninterested and distracted from work. No one needs to spell it out that can kiss the meaty roles he had promised her in his new film goodbye if she continues her dalliance. The young girl is shocked as she has been attending acting and voice training workshops suggested by the director himself to prepare her for the grand role and does not want to jeopardize her ‘special connection’ with the famous director. Nor does she want to endanger her ‘true friendship’ with the superstar actor as she says has ‘selflessly helped her’ in making her feel at home in a city which was completely new to her. Our heart goes out to the poor lassie, really hoping the cherub faced stunner finds a way out of her entanglements.


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