Wednesday, 12 June 2013


There is no excuse for tardiness but not when you are a Bollywood diva prone to throwing fits on the slightest of issues. This smoking hot leggy lass is still recovering from a terrible heartbreak (after being cheated on and dumped by a married superstar with whom she was having a rip-roaring affair). Though talented she has been on a short fuse since the break up and her interest in her work has plummeted, they say its hit rock bottom.

The actress’s director(she is starring in a multi-starrer opposite two male leads) has been fuming over her tardiness and has been lamenting to everyone on how she arrives hours late on the sets. Despite pulling her up several times the actress turns a deaf ear and refuses to listen to the heroes, as she feels she is the biggest star on the set. Matters came to a head when her miffed make-up artist snitched on her claiming she smelled whisky on the actress's breath.

The director put his foot down and yelled publicly at the actress for her unprofessional behaviour. The shell shocked diva did not expect to be given a rap on her knuckles in front of the unit but the director has made it clear he will not take late comings kindly and she needs to leave her personal problems behind when she reports for work. To everyone's amusement the director(whose demand to get breath analyzers was shot down by producers) has now appointed a 'minder' on the actress whose job it is to, among other things, SMELL HER and make sure the actress is clean(as in not drunk or high!!!) when she lands at the sets.

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