Friday, 21 June 2013


She goes blue in the face denying her marriage is not on the rocks but sources close to her say that her shaadi is only on paper now(and that too not for long). The actress had been sighted at a city court recently which sent tongues wagging on the formal beginning of the end but she denied all the ‘stupid’ rumours as ‘jealous heartburn’ claiming her married life was all paradise. Perhaps snakes have sneaked into her Eden, or contrarily she may have bitten the forbidden apple (once toooo often some bitchy people insist) because things are definitely amiss.

Some say she(having seen the writing on the wall) may be going down the route of another prominent actress who got herself an incredibly rich beau with a penchant for gifting her obscenely expensive rings, but never on the ‘right’ finger. Now this actress has also been seen in the company of a very (VERY!!!) rich man, albeit married. But then since when has that little technicality stood in the way of a smoking hot affair.  Heard that Mr moneybag’s richie rich wifey gets pretty annoyed at the mention of the actress’s name but has conveyed to all and sundry that ‘girls like her come and go’ but her man will come back to her. Incidentally wifey also has controlling shares in some of his important buisness stakes. So if the actress is looking for any permanence in her new relation, she may have some real cause for worry.


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