Monday, 10 June 2013


Item GirlThere are hush hush whispers linking him to two of his much-older co-stars (one of them married). This dishy young and upcoming star has meanwhile quietly gone out and found himself a new and very young and very rich girlfriend. She, the daughter of a diamond merchant, has considerable funds and leads a lavish lifestyle. Her much married father has bought a slew of talent-management and events company is himself linked to a prominent yesteryears actress. The young heiress now wants a glitzy filmy career of her own and we hear her moneybags father is willing to fund if this young actor stars opposite her. But the actor's little fling has not gone unnoticed by either of his older co-stars. While one of the ladies is happy playing the ignoramus (rumours say she is herself playing the field) the other powerful actress has threatened the young upcoming actor in no uncertain terms to stop his little fling or else. The actor is nervous as he does not want to upset the older actress who has powerful contacts with big producers and many say is his ticket to several meaty projects (but they are mostly in multi-starrer films) but also feels he needs this big solo debut. Now the word on the street is that the temperamental richie rich girl friend has become extremely possessive of her boyfriend and has loudly claimed that she would ''teach that buddhi a lesson'' when she meets her next time. Caught between the powerful older actress and the younger daughter of a powerful man the actor is having sleepless nights. The actor is being pressed to decide on the matter before an ugly public spat happens.

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  1. I'm reading through your blog... These are impossible to figure out! More clues next time, please ;)