Monday, 13 May 2013

Her Dirty Secret

This celebrity hair stylist is hopping mad at this superstar actress with whom acting is not a strong point. This foreign import who has become a top Bollywood actress has made this celebrity hair stylist super-angry with her pricey and bitchy behaviour.

The much tattooed hairstylist vouches for the days when before becoming a superstar this firang and fresh looking actress was just a regular nice sweet girl who patiently waited her turn and never forgot her manners with the employees in the hair studio. But stardom seems to have to have turned her head so much that she has strated treating everyone like dirt.

The celebrity hairstylist is hopping mad and dishing the dope on how how this superstar actress is NOT at all this virginal prude school girl act she fakes but exactly the opposite and reportedly indulged in hard core activities which would horrify her family audience. Hey bhagwan I cannot tell you what she is supposed to be an 'expert' in doing but lets say I was shocked and embarassed (and that does not happen easily) !!

According to her friends the superstar actress RESENTS that the celebrity hairstylist knows her shady past and wants to basically run the stylist out of town before her own shady secrets becoem public knowledge. She even set her powerful boyfriend on the fiesty hairstylist but that dint work as the girl gave back as good as she got. Whats worse the actress's personal staff have also started mooching of production budget by getting their own hair and makeup done at the superexpensive studios and shamelessly charging the producers.

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