Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Jalebi Bai astonishes us beyond belief. No its not her crude raunchy dance moves this time motor mouth Mallika Sherawat has left us stupefied with her bizarre utterings. The barely clad damsel at Cannes (no less!) went against her own country hammer and tongs calling India a 'repressive' society for women. She also expressed deep angst claiming to be 'depressed' being an Indian woman!! In a heavy accent Mallika passionately claimed to be the first Indian actress to 'kiss' as well as 'wear a bikini' on screen. Which, she said made her 'instantly' a 'fallen woman' and a 'superstar'. Now the Murder girl’s utterings have deeply offended superstar Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka has expressed deep annoyance at Mallika’s comments which she feels is an 'extreme misrepresentation of India'.  So while Mallika feels that women in India are at the bottom of the society we wonder which India is the once-married Haryana girl from an ultra-conservative Jatt family referring to?? This is the same Mallika who was accused of running away to America when her scandalous MMS went viral on the net. The case of the 'depressed' and 'repressed' Jalebi Bai gets even more curious as Mallika Sherawat is set to wed a 'repressive' Indian man in a new reality TV show!!  Miss Mallika is searching for an Indian groom in a new reality shaadi show (aka Rakhi Sawant etc ) don’t ask why but ways of the mallika only mallika knows. Or Maybe Repression pays better? Yeah Mallika?

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