Thursday, 23 May 2013


Item Girl
In news for her recent nudie photo-shoots for Playboy, she was pointedly ignored by some top heroines since she had come to Canne film festival. After days of seeing through the her and smirking at her dubious ‘actor’ talents, one of them suggested (quiet meanly) that maybe the patakha item girl and desi play boy bunny had mistakenly read her Porn’s invite as Cannes’. After all ‘such’ non-actors can’t be invited to the prestigious Canne….there must be a mistake!! Well turns out there was NOT. The irritated posh girls turned meaner turning up their pretty noses (as only Indian women can brrrr) at the ‘half caste’ stunner blatantly refusing photo-ops with the her. For the controversial item girl the message was clear. Stay out of the way of the REAL stars and lie low, lower than the roaches. She lay low, till it was payback time. The item girl walked the glittering red carpet with a smile and little else. Draped in a transparent black dress her black brassiere peeping (enough to make the hard core blush) and a heavy choker neckpiece the desi Playboy Bunny left little to imagination when she walked Cannes red carpet dressed every bit as raunchy as her kamasutra poses in her film inspired by Kamasutra. Pictures of her splashed in Parisian papers they had to sit up and notice. So while a certain ex beauty queen and former top heroine looked like a well fed greek goddess and another super talented actress a Kolkata auntyji, she left everyone gobsmacked with her toned body. And Cmon.. as some hens clucked.. at least she had a film to show at Canne !! 4D kamasutra anyone?!