Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Hey bhagwan ! you will say. But its true my Burberry scarf ki kasam. This blonde beauty was sitting between the two well-known regional superstars, one a mashoor Bhojpuri actor and another young Punjabi star. Jammed firmly between the stars she waited for the presser to start in the jam-packed hall. She sat mutely looking slightly overwhelmed with a very aggressive media but largely refused to answer the questions flying around. Finally, with great fanfare the stunning blonde item girl was introduced. The producer explained that the blonde beauty, who was doing a sex
y item number in the film, was from Slovakia and though the girl could understand angrezi she hardly spoke any English. So naturally every time a question was directed at the mesmerizing blonde the producer or the PR butted in. She was after all the item girl of the film, she was not there to speak but an item to show but would give stiff competition to reigning foreign imports in Btown from Sunny, Katrina to Nathalia, Yana and Claudia and more. Chalo... So what was the kaam of the goongi gudiya at a presser where she cannot speak? Eyeballs and more eyeballs. The stunner was easy on the eye and wore a revealing dress which hardly left anything to imagination. The still photogs and cameramen were too enamoured with the doll and seemed more than content with her ‘darshan’. The press conference over the photo ops happened and the foreign beauty was asked to pose in indescribable ways when the unthinkable happened!!
A thin looking cameraman lost his footing and his chunky camera tripod fell on the blonde beauty queen’s dainty foot. ‘’Bhen**** !!’’ she screamed quite clearly in a thick Punjabi accent.
Hope the producers were able to convince the press that the Bhen**** is a Slovakian cuss.  

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