Monday, 27 May 2013


She will break your nose....Smash your head ....Tear your clothes!! Hell hath no fury like the stunning Deepika on a comeback trail. Deepika (The old) is DEAD. Long Live Deepika.
Now don't you shed those nostalgic tears for the 'seedhi saadhi' dainty that was just yet luverlies... coz this dabang diva hates tears too. Take a dekho at footage Shah Rukh Khan getting smacked on the face by Deepika. The actress happily proceeds to break a bottle on macho man Rohit Shetty's head. Chalo agreed the lovely lady has proved her deadly point but what’s the 'real' point of this hyperactivity?   

Is it to do with the new super smart and ''secret'' career advisor she has found?? C’mon now ...from making a fool of herself mooning over a public breakup with the hottest superstar to a girl who is able to scoff at love with 'main ..tum pe marti thee?' lines....hmmm so who is behind this interesting makeover. While some of you are clapping on Deepika's perfectly timed image reinvention from the gharelu gaai to girl-who-can-kick-some-serious-arse.......well........rumour has it that the lovely lady is being advised by a ''powerful bollywood film-maker'' who has taken it on himself to help the pretty girl reinvent herself in a delicious new avtaar. In deepika's carreer it’s a watershed moment. So while the lovely Katrina is stuck in glamorous-but-pls-excuse-the-crap-acting rutt, hottie Priyanka has a lot of baggage with star wives guning for her, and the blindingly gorgeous (and married) Kareena is stuck in not so madly exciting roles, it IS Deepika's time. Can you believe it She has finally got it! So yeah get on the train baby. 

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