Wednesday, 15 May 2013


They stay together ...they play together ...and, mashallah they Pop together!! They are the hunky macho Deol men. Problem yeh hai ki the still Gram Dharam and macho bhaiiya Sunny get all the eyeballs while little Bobby, well errr.... So Papaji and badhe bhaiiya tried to boost little Bobby's confidence by giving a big party, to shoot the title track of their new film. Of course Bobby was supposed to be the centre of attention at the do. And thats when the problem began. Bobby was all set to open a beautifully wrapped champagne bottle on cue and the photogs waited excitedly for their perfect shot. Seconds changed to minutes. But try as he might poor Bobby just could not get the bubbly to pop.

HE HUFFED and HE PUFFED ...and HE TWISTED .. and HE FLEXED .. but the stubborn bottle just would not budge. Bobby's forehead was now laced with sweat and his face a beetroot red as he felt a hundred eyes on him looking on with amusement.

Its not a good thing naa to be a Punjabi munda and not be able to pop the bubbly !! Bobby could not pop the cork even after trying repeatedly. He kept on trying to open the bottle, but could not. Then his costar a hottie firang in an attempt to helo the beleagured hero took the bottle saying ..'must be stuck it happens--' when unexpectedly she managed to turn the cork easily, the bottle popped and champagne gushed out with force leaving the deeply mortified hero covered with white coloured foam!!

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