Friday, 3 May 2013


She is a hot red young thing making her big debut with a hot star son, who has proved his mettle in his dream debut. The star son is slated to be tommorrow’s superstar and the pretty young thing is thrilled to her maniacally manicured nails. And even more happy is the heroine’s mother. But that is another story. She is a light eyed stunner from across the border who had made history with her debut film where she had also sung. The actress who once had the most stunning face of Bollywood had been embroiled in a spate of affairs but allegedly alcohol abuse was what finally did her in—even her more-than-ample bosom couldn’t help her. She soon disappeared into the blue after some B grade films.

But now mummy is back with her stunning daughter. Mummy ji, reportedly known for her penchant to wear blood red jumpers, makes sure she  accompanies her darling ‘Baby’ to every shoot. According to sources she has become a pain in the neck in the sets specially after she tried to monitor some shots and direct the director with irritating comments like ‘Listeeenn darling ! Please change the shot naa honey, my Baby is looking too skinny here—
‘Arrey the back artist barbaad kar degi shot ? she is shamelessly is overshadowing Baby's dance !! ' 
Sources swear that Mummyji has gotten so particular that she has started needling the dress designer about her 'Baby' ka dress. Matters came to ahead when Mummyji took over the silaai-bunaayi department (as she calls it)

‘Sweetie you are that darji naa—haa haan fashion designer—this new blood red dress jumper I picked from ******** is perfect dont you think ? Just make the hemline should be up by three inches—and pad up the boobies and butt!!'

Apparently the designer finally lost his cool and ( according to eyewitnesses) firmly told the demanding Mummyji that he does not touch other designer's work and 'he' is the official stylist of the film actors. At that the heroine's mother pouted and quipped.

'But honey who said its for Baby? This is for me.'

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