Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Ishq in Paris Promotion by Preity ZintaBut where is the goddamn Hero?! Past several days its been hard to miss Ishq in Paris(yawn) producer-actor -IPL owner Preity Zinta splashing herself all over town to promote her new film. Now Miss Zinta has been at it since last year but well that is another story. Its common knowledge that the once very popular heroine has pulled out all stops for her maiden venture, with its set main mission : to regain for Miss Zinta her lost glory in Bollywood. Expectedly Zinta’s ‘Bollywood comeback’ mission met an embarrassing setback when none her so-called friends, all big male stars (and her former co-actors) showed any interest in working opposite her in this ‘comeback’ vehicle, save good old Salman (bless him) who agreed to do an item number.  Chalo, that’s fine but when do we get a ‘moohdikhaayi’ of Preity’s Hero?  Given Preity’s repeated appearance sans her Hero, it’s embarrassingly obvious that something is amiss. So why is Preity Zinta keeping the hero under wraps? Is the Hero NOT welcome at his own film’s promotions? Or Does Preity not want to spoil the surprise or

is she scared the surprise may shock away her fans? For this we need to know the history (sad sad sad) of this Hero. Well he is a small time failed TV serial actor who is desperately hoping this film will do it for him in Bollywood, given that he has a starring role— which is fine considering the actress, meanwhile, is herself hoping this film will end her unemployment as a heroine. But the question is how .. Just HOW, did a small model land up a part opposite the choosy and super picky Miss Zinta? !!
So here’s the thing. The significantly younger hero (with an unpronounceable name- its goes Rhehan Mallieekk or something) stepped in, courtesy the film’s director. Yup they are ‘old friends’(just good friends they claim blah blah). If closer friends are to be believed poor Preity noticed too late what was happening right under her nose while the whole world, and her set hands, was gossiping about their male director’s soft and gooey spot for the film’s leading man. Now it appears Miss Zinta is not pleased with the prospect of answering the badtameez media’s cheeky questions on this side Ishq she had not really bargained for.
Nateeja yeh, that Mr Hero has been kicked off the promotions and has no option to cool his  heels while pretty woman does his job too. 

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