Monday, 29 April 2013


There is a taaza new entry to the Mumbai tagda paisa-waali aunty club, populated by richie rich producers’ and biggie stars’ shined to perfection wives(never a wrinkle dare darken their splendid smooth visage). Now the swish women are not ready to let the interloper, lets call her Switty (yes sweety but like tzhat!), into their ozoned existence but the behenji-turned babe from Punjab will not take no for an answer. The cruel A lister swish women are having a ball at her expense making fun of her english, calling her everything from wannabe behenji to all agriculture but no culture variety and some rather below the skirt expletives about the age disparity between her and her distributor husband. Well Switty Aunty is nothing if not Focussed.

She believes she had the mega-moolah and that alone gives her right to be part of the hip gang. Switty thought she just needed to break the ice somewhat so she sent expensive chased silver invites to diamond-dripping card parties and mehendi ceremonies at swanky watering holes and baby showers and baby fashion shows with sparkling kids on display at the plushest restro-bars, the most exclusive night clubs.

She even had a dog shows, a Halloween party at an A-list discotheques, till one of the Bombay waali rich and swish auntie set bitched on twitter that she sweared she heard Switty say that  Halloween had something to do with ‘Jessus’.  Whell it so happened that the behneji from Punjab who happened to be following all of them ladies on twitter( they actually dint imagine her to be ‘hip’enough to be on twitter) read every bitchy tweet about her and her icecream making and pastry-making competitions!! So what did our Switty do? She laid low for some time and came back with such a whopper revenge that axed her harassers in one swift blow! We also got the invite her ‘goodluck at Cannes party!!’. Yes we too are gobsmacked !! Mrs Switty has been invited to the Canne film festival courtesy her husband’s film. Last heard the swish A lister aunties are scrambling for invites to the do.

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