Tuesday, 23 April 2013


So one of my Karachi friend who is always raving and ranting about Bollywood superstars and their attitudes had this one to tell. Apparently there quite a buzz about this Bollywood Superstar’s starry me-god-you-who attitude but this one was so bizzare it left me gobsmacked. The superstar known for his oratorical skills was invited to do a joint recitation with a well-known Pakistani cultural writer, both being unsurpassed in their connect with the audience they address. The Pakistani author was excited as while the superstar was to recite from his father’s poetry he was to do readings from legendary Saadat Hassan Manto 's works. Since it was their first joint reading the Pakistani writer-author wanted to connect to the superstar before they did their join sessions in front of their Mumbai fans. The busy superstar’s PR courteously informed the author that the superstar had absolutely no time to connect and asked him to get in touch when he arrived in Mumbai. The author reached Mumbai, and after thoroughly identifying the Manto paragraphs he would be reading from, the man again tried to get in touch with the superstar to discuss some common reading points but without any luck. The superstar’s PR courteously informed him that since the star was absolutely neck deep in prior commitments he should get in touch with them on the day of the event. The author had no choice but to rehearse alone in his hotel room.
D day finally arrived and the author (by now not willing to call the star himself) waited for someone from the superstar’s coterie to invite him to engage with the star for some time before they read publicly. The superstar finally arrived amidst great fanfare right on dot when the event was set to start and proceeded to read from his collection of readings.  
This was followed by the Pakistani author who read interesting verses from Saadat Hasan Manto and what followed was a very engaging and successful exchange of ideas which was played out to a packed crowd.
The reading over the Pakistani author was requested by the superstar’s PR to come to the stage for joint photo – ops with the superstar. The Pakistani author smiled tersely, quietly got up packed his sheets and said:
‘Janaab my work is now OVER. Your superstar’s work begins NOW.’ And left without getting a single photo clicked with the superstar. 

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