Thursday, 25 April 2013


A married actress-former model has had a nerve-wracking time dealing with a stalker. Initially she tried to ignore him as a fan cum gawker. She tried not to be embarrassed or cowed down by him standing in front of her studio waiting for her to come out with flowers in his hands. He took care that he stood on public space so that she could not get her office men to really throw him out. Did she feel guilty? After all she was the one who had accepted his friendship request on Facebook some months ago. She told her friends she was unsure when she did it as there were a bulk of requests pending and she had accepted his mistaking him for a harmless fan. She had never imagined in her wildest dreams that her casual ‘Hello!!’ to a Facebook ‘Hi!!’ would lead her into such a horrible situation. Tracing back to the sequence of events she figured that after she accepted the request she was bombarded with hundreds of messages and she blocked him from Facebook.
The actress-model maintains she saw her stalker’s face for the first time when he confronted her with flowers in her office lift leaving her confounded and very shaken for an instant. But she soon got over her initial shock and gave the boy a piece of her mind ‘quite sternly’ she puts it! Despite her friends’ cautionary advises she was still undecided on whether to take him seriously, he looked pretty young and harmless and she thought he would soon get over his one-sided crush when matters blew up. She found little notes inserted in the flower pots outside her house and thrown into her balcony. Her TV-serials’ director husband was inundated with letters containing explicit photographs and obscene threats leaving her dumbstruck and in a state of shock. Letters containing explicit photos (found to be morphed) of the actress started arriving at the family’s residence. Notes which contained pervert explicit content. The letters were also sent to the school where her children study which led to the teary actress lodging a complaint with the nearby police station With even surveillance footage did not yield any results the probe soon hit a dead-end when the police probed the Facebook angle and caught the pervert. The boy turned out to be a reject from the recent audition for a film. It turns out the boy was pissed with the director who had rejected him for a negative role in an upcoming TV serial. So he gave a live audition, which of course still did not have any takers and only earned him a severe reprimand. The actress is just happy that she got the benefit of doubt from her husband and her family rallied around her and the Shaitan pervert is out of her life.

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