Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Besharam Badtameez!!!

She had been in a visibly bad mood from the moment she came to the bollywood award show party. Her superstar boyfriend, known for his roving eye, was not spending enough time with her and she was feeling depressed. Craving his company she had succumbed to secret midnight visits to her boyfriend’s pad but that was seen as a a desperate attempt to keep tabs on the man and make sure that their relationship works out.

Matters came to a head when at a recent award show they were spotted having a heated argument. The reason was not the superstar’s growing closeness with his stunning ex but his new fondness for another sexy and young energetic actress known for her mesmerizing jhatka matkas. Now the superstar is not the sort of chap who likes to be told where to make his friends but (close friends say) he is at his wits end on how to deal with the jealous girlfriend’s unreasonable demands and jealous fits. So when at this late night private party which happened after the award show the sexy young energetic actress sidled towards the superstar and was getting too over friendly with him the jealous girlfriend saw red. And pointedly ignored the young actress to send the message home, but the actress quite a live wire bizli could not care less. Of course the superstar, who loves being the center of attention, made no attempts to restrain the sexy young thing which only made her more bold and brazen and She soon started teasing him loudly with badtameez comments like ‘Tu tau aivein hi patt gaya’ (meaning I hooked you so easily) …And He caught up in the joie de vivre moment was heard making besharam (intimate and inappropriate) repartees on her ‘deewani jawani’ like ‘theek se baith—sit properly—’.

The two young people were obviously having a ball exchanging cheesy liners and all that when the superstar’s pouty Laila lost it and staged a pointed walked out !! But what’s worse the superstar did not move an inch to get his girlfriend back and  proceeded to have a whale of a time with the sexy young actress in the party which lasted till morning.

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