Friday, 19 April 2013


Item Girl
She was getting ready backstage for her item dance at the recently held award show close to table fans with water drizzlers placed to douse the heat. The ACs were not working so she stayed close to the fans so that her makeup did not run.  
‘Its really hot. Can’t we have this ac up?’ yelled the angry young stunning item girl(and actress) barging into the room hot and flushed after her robust dance. The young thing, one of the showstoppers of the award night, was pissed with the cramped quarters and threw loud tantrums about being a ‘big heroine' and not used to such ‘crap treatment’ and they’d better do something or she would ‘leave the shitty award show’. ‘arrey yeh kya c**** event hai ! I am boiling do something!! You idiots don't know how to manage an event—
‘Madam pls—’ The bewildered organisers failed to placate the heroine who was getting angrier by the minute.  
‘How come Mr superstar hero has his ac working?? I know you people. Actresses ko c***** samajhtey ho? Listen I am going to barge into his room if you don’t fix this and blame it all on you—
While the event organisers scampered about to get the AC started and arrange for more table fans (bitchily labelling her a daayan behind her back !!)  they could not help comparing her with the other chilled out actress an epitome of grace and style sitting quietly in her corner and not acting pricey or throwing her weight. Matters came to a head when a bunch of young junior artist in shiny golden underwear-shorts and bustiers barged in as their was no electricity in their backstage room. There was utter confusion backstage. Junior artistes rushed round stumbling, tripping, half naked. The angry young actress now totally lost her cool and started yelling shooing the girlswhen the organisers intervened saying a special room had been arranged for her. Her makeup streaking the angry young thing stamped out of the room saying she was leaving and they could get some ''other Daayan'' to finish the act!! Obviously the actress had overheard the uncomplimentary remarks against her. The organisers now totally in a soup were bailed out by the chilled out actress who agreed to fill the spot left vacant as she had earlier performed on the same dance. Floored by Miss Congeniality the organisers were by now totally impressed with the cool actress’s supercool demeanour when suddenly angry shouts were heard coming out from the room punctured by the choicest of abuses.   
‘I want double the money now—or no dance. What do you take me for? A c***** daayan? Paisa do tamasha dekho.’ She said determinedly her perfect Miss congeniality smile still intact. 

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