Monday, 15 April 2013


This sizzling imported patakha is giving sleepless nights to a stunning and highly finished heroine who has had a bit of bad luck at the box office recently. Problem is that in her The patakha wrapped moneybags producer, who is also into big ticket event management, around her lily white little finger. The man is so taken in with her ‘extra’ ordinary charms that he thinks she is the epitome of a complete woman.

‘O god she is so pure. So beautiful. So perfect—’ he goes on and on shamelessly to anyone within a hearing distance. This has been received by much amusement by the rest of the crew as the patakha is half the well spread producer’s age. Of course the imported patakha can’t speak Hindi but then since when has that been a problem for any girl to become a Bollywood actress? The enamoured producer is shelling mega bucks and has employed two university lecturers to teach her Hindi.

‘I have found our star.’ Now the patakha getting royal treatment from the producer has raised hackled with the top heroine who is scared that the SHE may well end up a big time loser may end up getting better lines and better costumes than her. Matters came to a head specially after she saw the patakha descending from a sleeker and much more expensive looking vanity van than hers. Not happy with the way things are going its learnt that the talented heroine has become so insecure she sent her minion in the form of the film’s director who cribbed rightly to the producer that—

‘But there is no part for her in the script’
‘So rewrite the script. I want her in it.’ 

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