Monday, 15 April 2013

Very Jhagdamental!

Huge jhagda on the sets of Salman Khan's film Mental. In Lavasa the shooting of Mental has STOPPED with allegations of bias and favoritism towards Bollywood artistes. A very important scene of Mental was interrupted when the men artistes from Hyderabad raised a ruckus. 

The controversy started when thirty fighters from Hyderabad and Chennai were called for the action sequences. But during the shoot the south group realized to their SHOCK that not only were they in lesser than stipulated numbers as compared to Bollywood artistes ( three from south for every seven from bollywood) but they were also getting only FIFTY PERCENT of what Bollywood artistes were getting paid ! 

The south group got pissed as even Salman and Sohail made it clear that no changes would be made to the ratio. The disgruntled fighters called up FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) officials in Mumbai, but only to be told that their argument held no water.

Well they dug in their heels, and refused to participate in the shoot and with neither party willing to budge despite repeated entreaties from Salman and Sohail. According to a source from the film unit: "The entire sequence has come to a standstill after this jhagda over equal remuneration and representation.

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