Thursday, 11 April 2013


Kya hua what happened? Well the stuntman is refusing to jump off the ninth floor of the building onto the moving car!! That’s what’s happened. In Bollywood it’s unheard of for stuntman to say no. But apparently they have got wind of the fact that they have rights too. The stunt was to be for a mega budget film with an A listed superstar, known for his super action packed roles, in the lead. The star has a penchant of calling himself the real ‘MARD’ among the Bollywood heroes and has a whole list of dangerous stunts chalked out for his stuntman. It’s common knowledge that the star is addicted to action packed Korean films.
So when the stuntman refused to do the extremely dangerous stunt the action director was stumped and every trick in the trade was tried to coax the stuntman (one of the best in the business) to do the job but the pragmatic man would not budge wasting a whole lot of production time.
At this the star went berserk and roared at the hapless stuntman in front of the whole crew:
‘—what is he mad? He can’t refuse – I have to jump I mean the Hero has to be shown jumping— he he has to jump!!'
‘That ******* bahut tantaa kar raha hai ! He says he will not do without harnesses—we haven’t got them yet—
Not who will tell this stuck up star that ab woh zamana nahin that you say ‘jump’ and someone will jump!  
Last heard the star and producer threatening the man with:
‘—Tell that **** he can forget his insurance claims the job for his brother heck he can forget he has a job at all tell him—

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