Thursday, 11 April 2013


This Khan does not like it Sunny side up! Why.... you ask?
Well hear this: Ex Porn star and now Hindi film actress Sunny Leone, who is making news for her latest item number which has her dancing with John Abraham on lyrics like ‘’…laila teri le legi…tu likh ke le le’’ has accused sometime actor KRK of making ‘loose comments’ on her . The recently turned Hindi film actress and item girl has filed police complaint against loudmouth Kamal R Khan. The former adult star Sunny Leone is pissed with Kamal R Khan for wrongly attributing a controversial rape comment to her on his Twitter page. The item girl had had recently posted a very outrageous tweet of which she of course later denied telling her account had been hacked for five minutes. Hacked for 5 minutes!! Chalo whatever ! But twitter troll KRK who is an avid followed of the adult actress instantly posted: 
“Ye lo… Sunny Leone says? Rape is not a crime, its surprise sex.”

Sunny Leone who is known for her very hot adult films is fuming:
“—I would have ignored this man’s tweet but it became an issue—it’s disgusting for someone to make a joke out of this.’ The item girl wants to make sure that no one, well at least not KRK, makes loose comments on her. But KRK's lawyers are now busy preparing cases to file in Mumbai and Delhi against Sunny Leone for ‘indecent’ quotes and has ‘promised’ to get her deported from India very soon. As I said this Khan does not like it Sunny side up.

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