Friday, 12 April 2013


Does your State have a tarnished image? Are you facing flak for bad governance? Is the pesky aam janta asking you uncomfortable questions? Do you need an image makeover for your State?

Hello Mr/Madam Chief Minister how come you have still not gotten yourself a sleeky shiny Superstar Brand Ambassador (arrey no no... except that Sachin, cricketers are a dicey bunch unless you want to gamble but then it’s your money).

Cmaaaaaon you cant be so dumb that you don’t know that a Superstar Brand Ambassador could do wonders for your States’ tattered image. Just outsource your image building to these glib and glamorous spin-doctors. Go on. Sign on as many…Brand ambassador for your Rickshaws, a Brand ambassador for Tongas ( Yes please get in your main public transport in too, the janta will connect with them).

The maths is clear naa.

A state + A superstar = A superstar state

Chief Minister imagine how ‘shandaar’ you will look standing next to a glamorous Superstar Brand Ambassador. It will look even better if you can get him to kiss you. I tell you people will stop pestering you about stupid issues like governance, polity, education, security and such silly things like bizli paani and sadak !! My advise to you is that you sign brand ambassadors for bizli paani sadak first. You see then the janta will curse the stars and you can escape the blame! Don’t worry money will not be wasted. The stars come with guarantee after all they come very 'branded' ! Branded in banyans and watches and creams and apartments and shampoos and shoes and five star holiday packages and gutkas and whiskies, and with your blessings, now an Indian State or two.

But you must listen to this latest development. What some ignorant and irritating people want to know is how does a Superstar Brand Ambassador of a State reckon when the  the commodity, which the Superstar Brand Ambassador is selling, in this case a State’s image is tarnished? Irritating pesky ignoramuses want to know whether they can take Mr/Ms Superstar  Brand Ambassador to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission? Silly fools that they are they think that a Superstar Brand Ambassador should be held accountable for selling a tarnished brand to consumers? I mean really now since when have consumers ANY rights in this country?

I mean it's a branding shame naa!

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