Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Bollywood Break Up, Item GirlShe is very nervous and irritable nowadays if you quiz her about him. She has reason to be. This beautiful actress’s current boyfriend (a very successful and talented star) is now bum chumming with his stunning ex who (its comman knowledge) still has the hots for him. The beautiful actress is well aware of her boyfriend’s philandering ways having herself benefitted from his roving eye when he(enjoying his jawani to the hilt) was still seeing his ex ! But listen to this.  Despite her choc a bloc schedule, the beautiful actress is looking for bizzare reasons to land up at the sets of the film which her current is shooting with his ex. Over garam chai bitchy insiders and jealous friends are recalling the not so distant past when this same actress was caught slyly seeing the unfaithful ex when he was still in a serious relationship with his now ex!! Errr complicated naa? But then isn’t love always that, or its not worth talking about. But there is trouble in paradise since the beautiful actress, who is also approaching a certain age is now persistently demanding serious commitment and is most unhappy with the exes getting friendly again. While the deewani stunner who has much matured since her pehla pehla khumaar wala craze can be seen basking in the attention of her ex and is positively glowing with don’t ask me what! The two are spending long hours on the sets together but the candid photops released for public (yes her too) consumption always has the two at ‘safe’ distance, not even making eye contact!! Obviously the possessive girlfriend is not convinced and
it’s a big big fight waiting to happen.

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